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Chemfree UV Systems are easily installed for both new or existing swimming pools and spas, garden ponds and water tanks. The system works with your existing equipment connecting between your filter and the water line returning to the pool.

The Chemfree UV System is low maintenance and energy efficient using around the same amount of power that it takes to run an ordinary light bulb. The system is 100% safe and does not produce any toxic by-products. You will enjoy the benefits of crystal clear, uncontaminated water, with no requirement for added *chemicals.

Our system will benefit you not only health-wise, you’ll save time and money too! You’ll no longer need to purchase expensive *chemicals, Chemfree promises clean, clear bacteria free healthy water that won’t cause skin irritations or red, sore eyes. Your pool will last longer particularly if the pool is painted, the benefits are endless.

The Chemfree UV System is priced from $2,450 installed for small pools (most backyard pools), larger pools may require 2 x systems. The installation price of $2,450 also applies to spa pools, garden ponds and water tanks.

Best of all the Chemfree UV System comes with a money back guarantee when installed by a Chemfree Water approved technician.

The installation price is based on the availability of power source in close proximity to the installation point. If a power source needs to be organised additional charges will apply.

*To achieve crystal clear, bacteria and pathogen free water, we recommend running your system 8 to 12 hours daily dependant upon water use and volume. When using on a swimming pool we also recommend regular brushing of the swimming pool sides.

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About ChemFREE Water

It’s a wide known fact that Australians are a nation of swimmers. Not surprisingly, Australia has the highest number of swimming pools per capita in the world! Due to advances in technology Aussie families are now able to enjoy *chemical free swimming with the Chemfree UV System! If you’re serious about the health of your family, and you own a backyard pool or spa, you need to look at this system!

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