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The Chemfree UV System is designed to purify the water in your swimming pool, spa pool or hot tub, garden pond or water tank. This advanced technology is like pressing a reset button, removing contaminants, algae and bacteria from the water without the use of *chemicals. The results are impressive and a healthier alternative for your family.

Chlorinators and salt units have an average lifespan of 5 years. The cost to replace these units is on par with the cost of installing a Chemfree UV unit. Chemfree offers crystal clear water, *no chemicals required plus you will enjoy health & cost saving benefits.

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Swimming Pools

Did you know that the main source of water contamination is people swimming in the the pool? Some other contributing factors may include:

  • Pets swimming in the pool
  • Wildlife such as frogs, birds, lizards taking a dip
  • Dead bugs
  • Debris from around the yard such as leaves and dust

Traditionally the key to maintaining excellent water quality came down swimming pool maintenance including; filtration, chlorination, checking pH levels, total alkalinity and calcium hardness. Our UV light technology breaks the cycle of *chemicals once and for all providing you with a healthier choice.

Not only will the Chemfree UV System simplify your pool maintenance, it will destroy pool pathogens, restore water clarity and rid your pool of harsh cheimicals once and for all. 

Spa Pools & Hot Tubs

The ultimate way to relax after a long hard day at work is to take a soak in the spa pool or hot tub. Warm water therapy is luxurious, reduces stress levels and soothes tired muscles however, hot water is more at risk to contaminants than a cold water pool. Reasons for this include:

  • Water temperature, hot water can be a breeding ground for germs
  • Less water volume per ratio of bather
  • Bubbling water can be full of bacteria & other pathogens 
  • Hot tub chemicals can increase the risk of allergies and asthma

The solution to these problems is simple using the Chemfree UV System. This amazing system will help you control the quality of the water in your hot tub or spa without the need to blast it with *chemicals.

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fish pond

Garden Ponds

If your garden pond / fish pond is green this is very likely to be caused by a nutrient imbalance in the water. Free floating algae is a common problem and it can be difficult to control. There are a number of reasons why pond water turns green including:
  • Too many fish in the pond
  • Muck and sludge on the bottom of the pond
  • Fish waste
  • Decomposing leaves and grass clippings
The Chemfree UV System was first developed to counteract these problems. After many years of trialling numerous UV bulbs from all around the world we finally cracked it, resulting in a product that truly works. 
You can achieve crystal clear water in your garden pond using the Chemfree UV System.

Water Tanks

Many people think that rainwater collected to their water tank is pure and safe to drink straight out of the tank. This is far from true as when water is collected off a roof there is a high likelihood it will contain pollutants from the roof such as dust, organic material and bird droppings. These microbes get washed into the tank with the water.

So how do you maintain water quality? 

  • Keep your roof surface, gutters and downpipes clean
  • Have good tank ventilation to keep the water as cool as possible
  • Clean out the tank at least every two years
  • Add peroxide based products that kill bacteria

If you want your tank to be *chemical free then get a Chemfree UV System installed. Our system kills contaminants and bacteria resulting in clean, fresh drinking water.

water tank

The benefits of chemical free water are endless

  • Improved water clarity
  • No more skin irritations or red eyes
  • Extends the life of equipment
  • Save money on chemicals
  • Simplifies maintenance
  • Works in all climates
  • Kills contaminants, algae and bacteria

If you are looking for an alternative to harsh chemicals try the Chemfree UV System. We guarantee you will be more than satisfied with the results.

*To achieve crystal clear, bacteria and pathogen free water, we recommend running your system 8 to 12 hours daily dependant upon water use and volume. When using on a swimming pool we also recommend regular brushing of the swimming pool sides.

About ChemFREE Water

It’s a wide known fact that Australians are a nation of swimmers. Not surprisingly, Australia has the highest number of swimming pools per capita in the world! Due to advances in technology Aussie families are now able to enjoy *chemical free swimming with the Chemfree UV System! If you’re serious about the health of your family, and you own a backyard pool or spa, you need to look at this system!

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